Fifteen Years

Yesterday Jeremiah and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. I still can't believe it has been 15 years. That sounds like a very long time but it doesn't feel that way.

It was a crazy day with Michaela leaving for girls camp, watching my friends three kids so her husband could go to work since she is at girls camp, and Anthony going to scouts in the evening. Even with all that was going on it was a great day and I think we did a good job of celebrating.

Before leaving for work Jeremiah gave me a present which was a beautiful frame with a recent photo of us that my sister took while we were in Utah. After opening his present for me which was so fancy I felt silly knowing what I had selected for his present. I wanted to give him something to represent 15 years of our marriage and didn't think he would be very excited with crystal candle sticks (15 years is the crystal anniversary) so instead I got him 15 boxes of good & plenty, one box for each year of our marriage. Jeremiah LOVES good & plenty and he got a good laugh when he opened the box. Now he has something yummy to put in a candy jar on his desk at work.

Amid the craziness of eight children running around Jeremiah stopped at home on his lunch break with flowers that he carefully arranged in the vase for me. To top off the day we enjoyed a chinese take-out dinner for just the two of us after the kids were in bed. Plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight so the kids are very excited!


Jeremiah R. Jones said...

Loooove that Good & Plenty. Nice to have some in my office, too. Happy anniversary, honey! I'm sure the next 15 years will be even better.

Julia said...

Congratz! and HEY! how did you get a copy of that photo? I haven't released the rights to those yet!!!! lol

Vicki said...

Julia, can you send me a copy of the unreleased photo too? ;)

Julia said...

sure vicki i will :)