Saturday family outing

Saturday morning we ate a quick breakfast and quickly headed out to take the kids to a place that Jeremiah and I had discovered the night before. Prepared with bug spray we found some trails inside Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and explored. Emersynne's little legs still have a hard time keeping up and before long I heard, "Mommy I too busy to walk." With some more coaxing she trudged along before getting a piggy back ride from daddy.

The trails looped through wooded areas with lots of

impressive rocks,

twisty trees,

colored mushrooms,

and tons of frogs.

The kids had a great time counting the frogs that were trying to hide in the marshy areas, climbing huge boulders, and trying to catch frogs. I think only daddy was successful in that area. We all had a great adventure and I'm glad it only took us ten years to discover this place. Wonder what other hidden secrets this city holds!

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Vicki said...

Love these pictures!