End of Summer Outing

Michaela didn't have to work today so we planned an all day outing as a way of saying goodbye to summer. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Roger Williams Park in Providence. Our first stop was checking out the swam boats. It ended up being the highlight of the whole day and everyone had a great time on the water. Abigail said she wanted to come back when she was bigger so she could reach the pedals. Sounds like a good plan. It is actually harder than it looks and my legs were burning before we finished.

All over the park you could hear the sound of chain saws as workers were trying to clear the many trees that were down from the hurricane the week before. Thank goodness the favorite climbing tree was still in one piece. The kids had a blast climbing in the tree.

Swan boats, tree climbing, playground, carousel rides, and exploring! I think we wore everybody out with all the fun filled activities.

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