School Days

School is now back in session. Michaela, Anthony, Natalie, and Trevor all started on August 31st but Abigail had a bit longer to wait. It was only a few days but to her it felt so long until her turn came. When the kids would leave to walk to the bus stop she would grab her backpack and walk with us saying that she was practicing. Finally, on September 6th Abigail joined the school kids. Kindergarten out here is full day so it has been a bit of an adjustment. It is a long day for her (leaving the house at 7:20am and returning home at 2:50) but so far she is doing great.

This year Michaela started High School. She was a bit nervous and it took her a few days to learn how to get to her classes but now she is a pro. Another adjustment coming up is early morning seminary. Yikes!

The three musketeers were excited for the new school year. Anthony is a 6th grader, Natalie is in 4th grade, and Trevor is in 2nd grade.

Finally Abigail got to join the kids on the bus. Here she is dancing a little jig with her umbrella on her first day of school.

So now it's just Emersynne and mommy at home. Emersynne anxiously waits for her kids to come home but has managed to keep me on my toes with just her. On our first shopping trip with all the kids in school she grabbed a 5 lb bag of gummi bears when I wasn't looking and opened it. Not what I wanted to buy that day but we now have a nice big bag of gummi bears in our pantry. Guess I will have to keep my eye on that one!

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