Step by Step

It seems that our little Abigail is getting braver and more adventurous.  The other day I left her playing on the living room floor with her toys while I made a quick potty stop.  When I came out of the bathroom she was no longer there.  I called to her and soon heard her little happy voice coming from upstairs.  It was her first time ever crawling up the stairs and she seemed quite proud of herself.  I on the other hand realize that leaving the gate off the stairs is no longer an option.  She has discovered how much fun it is do go up and hopefully won't have to discover how it is not so much fun going down!  


angie said...

It's amazing how quickly they master "little" skills like climbing a WHOLE flight of stairs! ha ha.

vickiandwally said...

Go Abigail!
We love you!
Gramma and Grampa J

jenniferkrey said...

Oh my goodness! My heart would have been going pitty-pat! She's growing up!