Sad Day! II

I was released from my calling as Primary chorister today. Honestly, I am a little down about it. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with wonderful children, including five of my own, these past few years. I cried a little as I did Singing Time for the last time, but we sang some songs to help me feel better.

And... I got this cool picture of all my little brothers and sisters, and some woman who wandered into the shot. ;)

A few, somewhat random, notes on this picture:
  1. My daughter is the blonde to my right, not the brunette to my left, who is my good friend Kelsey Herrera.
  2. Thank goodness I know how to use the cloning tool in Photoshop, otherwise you would now feel as if you had just stared straight into the gorgon's eyes.
  3. Yes, it was that bad.
  4. No she's not completely deleted from the picture--just about three feet shorter.
  5. Yes, thank goodness she's turning twelve soon. No, 'gorgon' is from the Greek gorgos, meaning 'terrible', and shares no etymology with 'gorgeous,' which is from the Old French gorgias, meaning 'fine, elegant.'
  6. Yes, I am enough of a nerd to have looked up the etymology of those words.
  7. No, I didn't have to look up 'gorgon' before I put it in this caption.
  8. (Not the gorgon now--just to clarify) Tamara didn't really wander in, and she does improve the shot quite a bit.

I have to say that it's probably about time that I moved on to a different calling. Tamara, who has been indispensable as a pianist and very helpful as a resource for helping me plan my Singing Time activities, is no longer in the Primary presidency (see Sad Day! part 1). Liz Johnson, whom I served under these past few years, is also out, as she and her family will be moving to Jackson Hole later this week.

On that subject--we had a very nice visit with Liz and Adam Johnson, who came with their children to have dinner with us last Sunday. I enjoyed learning more about their past and hearing about their plans for the future. An evening together doesn't make up for losing their companionship after they have gone, but it was nice to be able to express our appreciation for them and take another picture or two before they left.


Vicki said...

you lost me completely on the "gorgon" thing. Am I too far gone to even have it explained to me?

angie said...

You've been the chorister all this time? WOW! I thought you got called right after I left and Angela Beeler was put in the presidency? That's more than 3 years. Or am I mistaken? It was so fun to see so many children I recognize.....too bad most of the senior primary isn't there!

Tamara said...

I didn't wander into the picture. I'm the Sunbeam teacher now! Sunday was my first day and Trevor was so excited to have his mommy teaching his class.

Cami said...

I was released from that calling this week too! Crazy.

Laurie said...

It was so great to see the kids. I know what you mean about missing the companionship, we have a lot of older couples in our ward so sometimes we miss you guys so much we want to pack up and move right back:) Sounds like Tamara had a great time, definitely a memory maker. I look forward to one of those days working out for us too. Glad you are all doing well.